Exterior Wrap Film & Interior Finishes

In comparison to traditional paint application, the use of vehicle body wrap films offers a more environmentally friendly solution, reducing both vehicle weight and carbon emissions while delivering enhanced visual aesthetics. SilShield also offer rail standard wooden, texture, metallic interior finishes.


Anti-Spall Film

SilShield Spall-Free film, after undergoing a high-temperature and high-pressure process, seamlessly bonds with the glass, providing a top-tier explosion and splash-resistant effect. Check its applications on bullet train windshields and bulletproof glasses.


Multi-Layer Anti-Graffiti Film

Undetectable, optical clear, durable and cost-effective solution to eradicate vandalism, including acid etching, scratching and permanent markers.The upper individual layer
can be removed easily and expose the refreshing one in seconds, reducing the downtime and labor time for maintenance, resulting in increased profitability.


Safety & Security Film

Discover our rail-transit standard safety film, a cutting-edge solution for enhanced security. An invisible shield against potential blasts, ensuring safety and peace of mind.


Solar-Control Film

Meticulously engineered for vehicles and architectural applications. Incorporates cutting-edge technologies like magnetron sputtering and nano-ceramics, effectively blocking up to 100% of harmful UV rays and 98% of infrared rays. Enjoy the comfort and unwavering quality.


Anti-Fog Film

By harnessing the exceptional hydrophilic properties of its coatings and incorporating a unique molecular chain treatment, SILSHIELD's low-temperature anti-fog film finds extensive application in medical and commercial refrigerators and freezers. Check out the cutting-edge anti-fog and defogging performance.


Our Products

SilShield Film Total Solution

SilShield, a high-standard film research and manufacturing company originating from the rail industry, specializing in film products dedicated to anti-graffiti, anti-fog, energy efficiency, and safety. Contact a Specialist

About us

SilShield is a leading manufacturer of innovative films, focusing on rail transit, automotive, architecture, and new energy sectors. Our high-quality films meet the needs of clients worldwide, spanning China, Southeast Asia, the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil. Our film range includes safety, anti-graffiti, PC board protection, anti-fog, tinting films, CastShield® wrap films, LySee® interior finishes, Spall-free® anti-spalling films, and GGAEA® safety tapes. We develop products with precision, drawing from our expertise in coatings, base materials, adhesives, and advanced machinery to consistently meet industrial demands.

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From aircraft to medical devices, Ulbrich’s proprietary specialty metal manufacturing process provides precision, performance, and reliability in any application with unparalleled quality. Contact a Specialist